Would You Know the Difference?

What do geeks care about? Almost everything related to programming and computer technology. We delve into how things work. As for me, I love different code languages. When it comes right down to it, I crave innovation. It can be about anything that populates the digital world or it can be some simple addition to progress. Take the cosmetics realm. Recently, I read that manufacturers are expanding the range of realistic materials including hair. This is used to treat baldness for one ailment. Hey also make hair extensions and false eyelashes for those not well endowed. I particularly appreciate the effort to make wigs for cancer or alopecia patients, including kids. You would be surprised how many children are totally bald. Technology to the rescue.

Kids can be born with alopecia areata, a disease that prevents hair from growing anywhere in the body including the eyelashes. Many afflicted adults wear false eyelashes and they are very natural looking. Would you know the difference? I wouldn’t. The quality of these extensions is amazing in spite of the faux material. Together with a wig, people sporting the lashes can look normal which is their goal. I support companies that provide this blessing for certain members of mankind. It is not vain to seek help for alopecia. After all, it is a legitimate disease. While women wear false eyelashes for a glamorous look and to take on a flirty demeanor, other people need basic help. Let’s not draw unfair conclusions.

The cosmetics industry is vast and has many products with a wide variety of purposes. Who knew that eyelash extensions, glue, and remover would be best sellers? If you want to invest in a growing industry, buy cosmetic company stock. You are sure to make a profit. There will always be demand for everything from makeup and lipstick to eyelashes and removers. Go to any drugstore or specialty shop and you will find an array of choices. You can even get vegan and cruelty-free brands.

We live in a celebrity culture and there is a constant craze to emulate their every move. You see selfies of people like Kim Kardashian and her false eyelashes are in evidence. Young women want to look like her and they rush out to buy extensions or have them put on in a salon. It is a big business. The world revolves around appearance and wearing the right attire. It doesn’t mean that typical garb is attractive. Witness the ubiquitous torn jeans and tees. We love to see the celebrities walk down the red carpet, but we don’t want to do it ourselves. But we do care about our eyes. Women do not want to look naked. They feel odd after they wash off all the goo. They use eyelash extensions that last for weeks, even to bed. A touch of mascara simply won’t do. Ladies, you can easily avail yourself of this innovation. It is not earth shattering, but it affects multitudes.