Much Ado About Coding and Socializing

Hi all! Sorry I sorta put aside this blog, I guess I had too much to do. I have written before just how much I love coding and how much I love sharing this passion with friends. While others may find it boring and tiring, for me it is a bliss to code. I love it when the result lives up to everyone’s expectations!

However, though I spent most of my days in front of a computer, I’m still aware of what’s going on in the world, too. These coronavirus times have been anything but easy. Although it is possible to contract the virus by touching surfaces and then touching your face, the virus is mainly transmitted through saliva droplets or discharge from the nose when someone in your vicinity sneezes or coughs. In other words, close person-to-person is the main known route of transmission for now. As a consequence, the corona outbreak meant reducing or severely restricting out social gatherings. And for someone like me who mostly codes or does freelance jobs from the comfort of my own desktop, this hasn’t been too difficult to cope with.

Many in isolation around the globe have picked up coding. I have been keeping myself busy with it as well. However, I do sometimes get lonely because of this lifestyle. I notice that I even started buying more stuff to cheer myself up: I ordered some new chandeliers, then got myself a modern tankless water heater (btw, if you ever decide to do this, it is wise to look at these reviews from Greg Mattson as choosing the right model for you can be tricky). To tell you the truth, initially, I was even skeptical about this virus, and I didn’t even understand what the whole fuzz was about. I mean, I kept thinking that there are also other viruses out there, the flu also kills a lot of people every year and yet we don’t have to stay at home because of it. But then a cousin of mine who works as a nurse contracted it, and she barely made it. She finally got well a week ago, but it was a slow and difficult recovery.

So yes, I understand the risks very well and I understand we should be responsible and avoid meeting each other, but total isolation is really not something I would like to do for one more year, which is more or less the time that scientists are saying that it would take to get a vaccine. I honestly hope it will be quicker than that, I look forward to socializing a bit more!