Computer Technology: Opening Doors for Writers in All Areas

How has computer technology changed the way that writers write?  In the course of my life alone, it has taken on a totally new life.  While once writing was reserved for those who wanted to work at the newspaper office or on television or even for those who sought to write books from a remote cabin, the world of writing has taken on a life of its own in the recent years and it is now in a wide open boom.

Thirty years ago, the future did not look quite as bright for the average writer.  It took much longer to physically write out material and sometimes even longer to type it up in proper format and mail it in to be considered for publication.  It was not uncommon for hopeful authors to spend a year or better on a book project that would ultimately be rejected.

The Writer’s Handbook was widely in place in those years.  Inside the expensive and very large hard copy book was the keys to the kingdom when it came to being successful in the field of writing.  Magazines posted what articles they would consider for publication, how much they would pay and what subject lines they offered.  Publishers gave much of the same information as well.  Addresses and contact names were also available in the book.

Even still, it was a bleak process. Very few manuscripts actually made it into the hands of the powers that be and the volume of solicited manuscripts far outweighed the need.

Enter the computer age.  With the dawning of computers came the opportunity for writers to be self-published.  They could submit their writings to websites and also create and publish their own e-books or even go through employment sites like Fiverr or Odesk in order to ghost write for others.

Not only did it make it more possible for writers to get published, computer technology made writing the skill to have.  Website owners need writers for fresh content and need them often.  Blogs, social media and companies wanting to create informational e-books open the doors even wider.

Today, the field of writing is in full swing.  If you are very active online and don’t possess your own skills in writing, chances are you incorporate the help of someone who does.  It’s difficult to expand very much online without the ability to write.

If you have knack for writing, you may want to pursue your gift.  You can study up online by taking a general writing course that will clue you in on such subjects as blogging, keyword usage and you can even learn about book writing techniques, both fiction and non-fiction.  Put your creativity to use by signing up for a gig on Fiverr or joining an online employment platform or, venture out on your own if you so desire.

Writers, both technical and creative, are experiencing opportunity they might not have had available to them not so long ago.  The computer age has changed everything when it comes to writing and has definitely done so for the better.  Interesting enough, computer technology has even opened up a whole new language, the writing of codes.  There is no limit where writing can go when it comes to the future and computerized technology.  It has indeed opened up a whole new world.