On Desire

Many of us have no desire to become a computer geek, until we have a reason.  It was in becoming interested in animation that many have grown in their knowledge of computer technology and often without ever setting out to do so.  They just wanted to learn animation.

Animation is the art of making cartoons move.  It is used for commercials, for fun and to get a creative point across.  It can be actually considered an art as it is a creative expression such as drawing, painting or writing is.

There are some great simple programs like CrazyTalk and GoAnimate.  They allow for relatively simple execution of cartoon animation.  Many use these programs or programs like these to achieve their animation goals.  Still others get to a point that is not accommodated by these simple programs.  They may want to expand their characters, props or scenes beyond the real offered or include special effects that are not available to them.  This is usually where it all begins….with a dream.

Another reason one might take animation to the next level is to create their own characters for gaming.  Or, they may want to go so far as to create their own games.  Both require a little more than just accessing a simplified program.

Iclone 6, both pro and regular, are programs that allow for the creation of characters, scenes, games and so forth.  This program and ones similar to it offer support and tutorials but also enable users to generate material that they could not do on a really simple program.

You can find a good bit of freeware, especially if you are not wanting to use it for monetary gain or for commercial use.  Another great way to see if a program is for you is to try it before you buy it.  There are programs that you actually purchase and others that you basically rent the right to use.  If you purchase a program, study the requirements before doing so.  Many advanced programs, such as Iclone 6 pro, require quite a bit from your computer so it is best to be on the safe side and check it out first.

Then there are the even more high tech creations.  You can take courses on developing your own software or using available software to achieve such goals.  There are schools you can attend and you can even get a degree in the field.  Animation is something that can always be taken to the next complex level and just when you think you have learned all there is to know about it, there will always be more to learn.

Whether you are wanting to learn animation as an amateur or for a profession, there is a great demand for it.  Individuals and businesses will always require the services of those who possess the knowledge and creativity it takes to do it.  Why not unleash your imagination and learn the wonderful world of animation?