PIC: The Sky is Now the Limit

PIC, or Peripheral Interface Controller, microcontrollers have come a long way since their discovery and unveiling in 1976. Early models were only available in read-only but these days, that has all changed and all models use Flash memory which has opened their use up for professionals and hobbyists alike. PIC allows you to write memory into these programs.

Made by Microchip Technology, PIC microcontrollers are more powerful than ever. They come in models that to by pit-count including 12, 14, 16 and even 24 bits. Of course there are low powers available as well as high-speed ones. Each has their place and purpose so which you choose will depend on what you are using it for.
So much has changed in the world of technology concerning PIC. Now you can find easy instructions on programing them. It is said that amateurs can now do so with easy. Is that for real though?

Say you are wanting to program software for use on Windows. You can do that and fairly simply. You no longer have to be a computer tech to do so but the more knowledge you do have, the better, of course.

There are actually kits that are available now. Yeah, imagine that. Once reserved for professionals and serious geeks, the general public can now access technology at their fingertips. You can program, debug and even employ a logic analyzer and/or a tool used for serial communications called the UART.

If you are a fan of open-source software, you may have a special interest in the use of PIC microcontrollers. Their use will allow you to reach your goals and to develop your own, off the grid, programs. Oftentimes open-source software is desired for security and privacy or to reach a level that is not available yet to the public.
In addition, there are different techniques and software that are used to accomplish the goal. There are tutorials available too that will guide you step-by-step. Some of these methods are super simple and others are more complicated but all strive for the goal of being able to create and control what can be accomplished from the finished product.

Whatever the reason you are wanting to use it, the good news is now you can. Information from others is made readily available along with easy instructions and kits for assembly. Yes, times are changing fast and remarkably, it is becoming easier and easier to not only keep up but to get ahead of the game as well and it’s all done through PIC microcontrollers.

If you have a dream, a program you want to employ, a group you want to share services with or even an open-source project you wish to launch, you will need the help of a PIC microcontroller. It is fortunate for you that you need little more than a basic knowledge and a desire in order to make it happen. What a freedom to be able to expand in a way that was not possible for the average person before. So, live the dream, get in there and put your best foot forward. There is no telling how far PIC will take you.